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Bushwick Backery is the latest venture for the Smith Street pioneer. Getting back to his roots in French bread and pastry, while offering items that reflect the diversity of an ever-changing Bushwick such as empanadas and coconut crusted carrot cake. Offerings change daily, depending on what the kitchen is baking for the many gourmet supermarkets, coffee bars and restaurants we sell to throughout the NYC area.

From the sweet to the savory, from breads to croissants to quiches and cakes, one call can supply allof your daily and holiday needs.

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Our Story

In the spring of 1987 a young pastry chef from France named Jean-Pierre Marquet opened a small, quaint patisserie on Smith Street in Brooklyn. He couldn’t help but stand out. The area, which is now packed with fancy restaurants and high end retail was at the time notorious for drugs and violence.

Within 2 years he had garnered fame with write-ups in the New York Times and lines around the block on holidays and weekends. He went on to become a restauranteur, opening the popular sports Le Barricou and Maison Premiere in Williamsburg and Mominette Bistro in Bushwick.


127 Central Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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